You can almost cut the tension with a knife!

In an exclusive preview from Tuesday's episode of WAGS, Natalie and Autumn get into an intense argument during their trip to Mexico for Nat's birthday celebration. The conflict began at dinner when Autumn was on her phone the entire time.

Later that night, Natalie visits her hotel room to chat about her behavior.

"You know, it's my birthday and my family was here and I feel like you didn't really make an effort to get to know them," she says.

But Autumn wasn't having any of it. "Hold on," she snaps. "First and foremost, I came out here and I left my kids. I came to support you for your birthday. I'm out here for Ashley as well. She's going through what she's going through."

"You didn't make an effort at all to talk to my family," Natalie interrupts.

"That's ridiculous," Autumn responds. "Honestly, I can't. I just can't."

"How else I am supposed to take it when you literally barely said anything the whole day?" Natalie responds.

"I did say stuff," Autumn replies. "Maybe you were too involved in your family to realize that I'm talking and trying to mix and mingle."

The disagreement continues when Autumn voices her opinion on Natalie's boyfriend, Shaun Phillips. Watch the clip above to find out what she has to say!

Don't miss a brand-new episode of WAGS Tuesday at 10PM on E!

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