Amal Clooney

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Amal Clooney is getting down to business. 

The famed international human rights lawyer (and ahem, loving wife to George Clooney) arrived in the Maldives on Monday to meet with former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is being held on highly controversial charges of terrorism. Elected in 2008, the nation's first democratic leader's term was cut short in 2012, when he was "forced to resign at gunpoint," according to Clooney and her legal team. 

Clooney looked effortlessly chic in a black dress and blazer paired with gray heels and dark sunglasses for her meeting with Nasheed, whose 13 year sentencing has been slammed by the United States, European Union and India. 

In a piece for The Guardian, Clooney called the former politician's arrest a, "mockery of justice, designed to punish him for criticizing the government and remove him as a political threat, " adding, "Nasheed's conviction sends a loud and clear message to the Maldivian people: opposition to the ruling regime will not be tolerated."

Days before Clooney's arrival, an unknown attacker stabbed Nasheed's local lawyer Mahfooz Saeed, and Saeed continues to remain in the hospital, according to the Asian Tribune.

But in between working high-profile cases—just over a week ago Amal was in Egypt defending one of the Al Jazeera journalists charged with working sans a press license—the brunette bombshell has been jet-setting across Europe with her main man.

In August, the couple took a private jet from the actor's Lake Como property to celebrate the launch of Clooney's Casamigos Tequila brand in Ibiza, Spain, and got extra cozy for the cameras. 

A source told E! News, "Clooney sat up close to Amal, and they looked very happy and comfortable together," adding, "They were right out there with all the other guests, and despite being in public you could see Amal and Clooney carved out moments of tenderness for each other. They were constantly exchanging cuddles and affection."

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