This firefighter is being praised for his quick thinking and thoughtful actions after arriving at the scene of a frightening car crash.

Casey Lessard was responding to a solo rollover accident in D'lberville, Miss., when he witnessed an injured child named Gabriel at the scene.

After spotting the 4-year-old lying on a stretcher, the city firefighter got down on the ground to comfort him in any way he could.

In fact, with the help of his cell phone, Lessard began playing scenes from the first kid-friendly movie that popped up on Netflix, which just so happened to be the animated film Happy Feet.

"The kids…we do whatever we can to calm them down," D'Iberville Fire Captain Darren Peterson told the Sun Herald, which helped capture the unforgettable shot. "The video calmed him down instantly."

When Lessard himself spoke to the New York Daily News, the firefighter recalled the Gabriel's reaction in great detail.

"He went from crying to instantly calm," he shared with the publication. "He was still scared. He watched the movie for a little bit with me."

Gabriel is now out of the hospital while two of his siblings remain in critical condition. Since the accident, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family of six injured in the wreck.

As for all of the praise Lessard is receiving, he insists that it's just part of his duties.

"I just did my job," he told reporters. "I know everyone else in our department would've done the same thing."

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