A stump speech is the perfect time for a nap, right?

Look, politics can be pretty damn boring, people. We're not saying the political process is unimportant. It's super important.

In this campaign speech by Jeb Bush on Thursday he's detailing his healthcare platform, and we would actually very much like to hear his answer.

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"If you lose your job, you lose your healthcare," the presidential candidate says during a town hall event in Hampton, New Hampshire.

That's a very big issue for American voters to care about, right?

But, like, Bush's soft, lulling twang gets going, and then he starts getting detailed about HSAs, premiums, deductibles, and... zzzzzzzzz. Sorry, we're out. We're done.

Again, we really want to hear his answer, and all of the candidates' answers, but work days are long, and you have to wait in crazy long lines to get into these political events and rallies, and it's just... lights out. We don't stand a chance.

That's why they try to get people like Kid Rock in there to stir up the crowd!

Remember that little pang of guilt you'd feel after nodding off in class when a teacher was talking? No one wants to snore in church! No one starts their day hoping to snooze during an office meeting! But again, life is tiring, and we still don't have our Pumpkin Spice Lattes back yet. Unintentional naps will happen.

Granted, Bush has been criticized by some, including his opponent Donald Trump, as being a wee bit "low-energy."

But according to Bush, the much-talked about napper, identified as Tara, certainly has a lot on her plate. She's probably busier than most of the candidates in this presidential race!

Our advice? When all else fails, set the DVR for the debates and Meet the Press, watch in increments until you nod off, and maybe we'll get through all of the talking points by the time we have to cast a ballot.

If not, maybe we'll just see who Kanye West's pitching for his cabinet...

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