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You know what they say: double the trouble, double the fun…

The Oscars are changing things up this year and seeking two hosts to take on the emcee duties for the 2016 Academy Awards.

Former Fox executive David Hill—who will produce the show with Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin—told Entertainment Weekly, "There will be multiple hosts for sure—there will be two."

When asked how he came to the decision to add a second host to the gig, he said, "Two is better than one," and joked, "Just imagine, you're in there. One of your hosts drops dead from cardiac arrest. What do you do? Second host goes on! And you keep going. … Note to self. Check out their heart rates."

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Of course one of our favorite dynamic duos came to mind upon hearing the news: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The funny ladies ended their three-year contract with the Golden Globes in December, which kept them from taking on any other hosting duties prior to that. However, now that it's ended, we can't help but wonder if Oscar producers will grant viewers' wishes of seeing the much-loved pair on the Academy Awards stage.

EW also predicted another popular twosome at the moment: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Their Key & Peele sketch show is ending its run on Comedy Central with great reviews, and their provocative and fearless comedy has already seen big endorsements. President Barack Obama had Key join him at the White House Correspondents' Dinner earlier this year to recreate a hilarious sketch of "Luther the anger translator."  

A few more names that seem to resound among Oscar viewers include: Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel (imagine if they paired up!), Amy Schumer, Anna Kendrick, Kevin Hart and James Corden. Ricky Gervais also teased his fans on Wednesday by tweeting and quickly deleting several messages about taking on the Oscars gig himself. Though none of these names standout as clear pairs, there's a chance they could get matched up and become the ultimate dream team (our vote's on Schumer and Kendrick).

Though two hosts will be different, it's not entirely new to the Academy Awards. The last time two people hosted the show was in 2011 when James Franco and Anne Hathaway took over. Their appearance was not well regarded by viewers and received some major criticism.

However, the year before that, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin delivered a show that saw much more positive feedback.

Who would you like to see team up for the 2016 Oscars? Sound off in the comments below!

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