T-Pain, National Anthem


You heard it here: T-Pain has the most angelic voice of all the angelic voices.

We know, we know...he's the king of auto-tune. And it works for him! All joking aside, T-Pain makes some damn catchy songs. "Bartender?" Turn it up! We know that auto-tuning isn't, like, true artistry or whatever, but we've never had a problem with T-Pain's in particular because it's so entertaining.

But apparently the auto-tune is all a lie! The farce is a farce! It turns out T-Pain doesn't use it to enhance his voice, because he has shockingly beautiful pipes. The singer (and yes, we can call him that now) performed the National Anthem at Monday night's Los Angeles Dodgers game and straight up wowed the crowd with his talents.

The first surprise came when he busted out a regular microphone and the next surprise came when he opened that prodigy little mouth of his. This man can sing! Listening to his National Anthem was like getting an ear massage from 1,000 tiny angels.

He was so good that we're even willing to forget the introduction he forced the announcer to read: "Singing the National Anthem tonight is the multi-Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist and producer who has a newly-released single, 'Make That Work,' and will be releasing his highly-anticipated fifth RVA studio album, Stoicville The Phoenix in November." Seriously dude? "Please welcome T-Pain" wasn't enough for you?

But anyways, back to the whole wonderful voice thing. Watch him work his pipes and prepare to be amazed.

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