Scream the TV Series


"What is this? 1996?" 

No, unfortunately it's 2015, but we were having flashbacks to the end of the 1996 Scream tonight when MTV's Scream finally revealed its killer. We have to say, we didn't call it. 

Turns out, the killer is...Piper (Amelia Rose Blair)! 

Yep, Scream's very own Sarah Koenig/Gale Weathers was actually Emma's sister and Maggie's daughter with Brandon James. 

The podcast host revealed herself to be the killer after wreaking a bit more havoc on Emma, her friends, and even her mom's friends on the night of the Halloween dance. Unfortunately, Sheriff Hudson could not be saved, so Maggie lost a boyfriend and Kieran is now without a dad. 

The final showdown on the dock was pretty epic. Piper had Maggie tied up and first managed to slash Emma in the stomach and things looked pretty dire,until Audrey showed up with a gun and shot Piper off the dock and into the water. 

She tried to make a comeback, but Emma managed to shoot her in the head. 

However, things don't seem to be totally over. Just before Audrey shot her, Piper was going on about how she had "one more surprise," and then a quick voiceover from Noah pointed out another clue: Piper and Will were both attacked at one point by the killer, and Piper wasn't able to explain that. 

Of course, we then saw Audrey burning her notes on the investigation and some letters from Piper. Does that mean Audrey's involved? Did she time her shot specifically before Piper could reveal her "surprise?" Or was she just trying to get rid of all evidence tying her to a woman now known to be a murderer?

Guess we'll have to wait until Scream returns in 2016 to find out!

What did you think of the killer? Did you call it? Let us know in the comments! 

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