Diane Kruger


So Diane Kruger thinks this throwback photo is pretty awkward. We, well, just think it's pretty.

The snap in question shows the then 15-year-old actress—with an awesomely voluminous 80s hairdo, sky-high lashes and brick-red lips—posing with a mega-wattage smile after winning a "Look of the Year" modeling award.

"This is me at 15, winning the 'Look of the Year modeling award in Germany'...HOW you might ask ? I really don't know...maybe that year baby face with too much make up and crooked teeth was in style ? Maybe they were playing a cruel joke on me ?? Whoever picked me...thanks for the Vespa I won and the life that opened up to me !!!! All you awkward looking girls out there !!!! SOMEONE thinks you're pretty," the star wrote in a quippy caption alongside the photo, which she posted to Instagram on April 23.

Diane frequently posts funny messages to her followers via social media, but lately her posts have been of the inspiration variety: That same day, she posted a message that read "In case nobody told you today, you are beautiful." (Aw.)

All "cruel" jokes aside, we kind of wish we had an awkward phase as, well, photo-ready as Diane's, even though we get the overarching message here. Beauty from the inside first, right? Lucky for Ms. Kruger, it seems she had both!

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