Eric Decker, Jessie James Decker, Academy of Country Music Awards

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Talk about baby fever!

After Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker exclusively revealed to E! News that they are expecting a baby boy in just a few short months, the happy couple had a few more details to share about the pregnancy.

Guess what? This may not be the last kid for the two.

"Two or three," Jessie revealed to Alicia Quarles when asked how many little ones she hopes to raise. "It used to be four but who knows with this one. He might be trying for a fifth and he'll be sneaking in again."

She added, "It was eight months after giving birth to Vivianne when he knocks me up again." LOL!

Don't worry, Jessie. Your man isn't in a big rush. Instead, he's looking forward to all the perks that come with raising a son.

"I'm just looking forward to being out in the backyard and kicking around a football and a baseball bat, a golf club, just sporty stuff," Eric explained. "When I was growing up, I always wanted that boy that I could play around with, give him the opportunities to do what I did so I'm excited."

Before the games begin, the couple has to decide on a name for their little stud. So, what's it going to be? "I do [have a name]," Jessie told E! News before attending the 2015 ACM Awards. "I'm not telling anybody."

Instead, she's simply enjoying a pregnancy that is much more easier the second time around. Before welcoming Vivianne into the world, the country singer suffered severe sickness that forced her to visit the hospital. This time around, it's a piece of cake.

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Vivianne Rose Decker

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"It was really brutal," she admitted. "I barely remember that I'm pregnant [now] because I have no side effects except I'm extra tired, but other than that, I know he's there because I'm feeling him."

Another thing Jessie isn't worried about is whether or not her daughter will make a great older sibling. At 13 months old, Vivianne is already sporting "Big Sister" T-shirts and is well aware that a baby is in mama's tummy.

"I tell her to kiss the baby and she walks over and kisses my tummy," she revealed. "She knows. She's one and a month old but she's smart."

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