Betty White better be careful!

The Golden Girls actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, and as soon as she took her seat, the late-night host noticed she had a shiner. "What's going on with your eye?" Jimmy Kimmel asked. The 93-year-old actress replied, "Oh, well, the makeup lady had a little problem with me and she hit me."

Wait, what?!

"It was so unexpected! I thought she had a powder puff. She had her fist!"

White was joking, of course, but Kimmel still wanted to make amends. "I apologize. That is not how we expect our staff to behave with a guest." White agreed, saying, "No, I don't think so!" So, why how did White really get a black eye? "I slipped and fell in the kitchen, of all things," the Hot in Cleveland actress explained. "I never go in the kitchen because it's dangerous! Of course!"

When White appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2011, she drove herself to set. She sometimes gets behind the wheel, "but not as much. I still drive, but people spoil me rotten. I get driven." That being said, White added, "I love to drive! Oh! I have a house up in Carmel and I love that drive. I could drive forever. I just love it."

Kimmel asked, "Do you remember how old you were when you got your license?" Without missing a beat, White said, "I think I was 4. No, no, no. That was something else! That's when I lost my virginity!"

In reality, she got her driver's license at age 16.

"What was it like driving in 1938?" Kimmel asked. The Proposal actress replied, ""Lovely! Oh, I was so thrilled, of course. I still love to drive. I love to drive! But when you first get driving, it's such a thrill."

"It's the second best feeling there is, you know?" Kimmel asked.

White didn't get the innuendo at first, but after she did, she told him, "Oh...yes!"

Watch the video below to see White meet people who have tattoos of her face.

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