Kate McKinnon, SNL


Hillary Clinton hasn't announced her 2016 presidency bid yet, but Kate McKinnon's "Hillary Clinton" is ready.

The SNL cast member reprises her spoof of the former Secretary of State in the cold open sketch the NBC show on Saturday. The real Hillary, who lost to now-President Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Party primary, is expected to announce on Sunday her intent to run for president in the 2016 election, via video and social media, Reuters had reported. If she does and wins the ballot, she would become the first female president of the United States.

In the sketch, McKinnon's Hillary prepares for her epic video announcement.

"Oh my gosh, I don't know if I have it in me. I'm scared...I'm kidding—let's do this!" she says.

Oh, Hillary, you put the "hil" in "hilarious," says Vanessa Bayer, who plays her aide.

She tells the politician that she should record an announcement about her 2016 presidential bid in a video she films herself, to make it more personal.

"Citizens!" "Hillary" says, menacingly, in a selfie video. "You will elect me! I will be your leader!"

Bayer's character coaxes her into taking a different approach and the results are equally as hilarious.

Plus, there's a cameo from "Bill Clinton," a part reprised by a past cast member who now serves as the show's announcer.

Watch the sketch below.

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