Andy Richter, Ashley Tisdale

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Think stars get a free ride? Well, not all the time!

Ashley Tisdale was caught red-handed by none other than Andy Richter, who shamed her parking job on Twitter for all to see.

After posting a photo of her black Mercedes sedan pulled sloppily into her reserved spot (be sure to watch out for your side mirror on the left, Ashley!), he wrote, "Was someone late to rehearsal?"

Oh, the pure, sweet unadulterated shade.

Just two weeks ago, Tisdale was celebrating her new parking spot on the Warner Bros. lot where her new show Clipped is being filmed.

She posted a pic of her feet standing next to the paint that read, "A. Tisdale," and wrote, "At my new home Warner Brothers. #CLIPPED has started #excited."

And while Tisdale didn't exactly respond to Richter's video, she did share a motivational quote via J.K. Rowling with her legions of followers that read, "We all have magic inside us."

The actress also added her own caption to the shot, saying, "Le guardian leviosa!" As all you Harry Potter fans out there know, the correct language of the Levitation Charm is Wingardium Leviosa.

Tisdale clearly got the memo about her Potter faux pas and deleted the tweet moments later.

That's two (playful) strikes for Ashley!

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