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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's baby girl James is only 3 months old, but dad's already concerned that she might want to follow in her parents' famous footsteps someday.

In an interview with Today's Willie Geist, the Woman in Gold star admitted, "I worry that my daughter's going to want to go into show business!"

He's really already worried about that?! "A little bit, yeah," said Ryan. "You know, you worry about really stupid stuff...And you sorta sit there and go, 'Oh gosh, is she gonna wanna do this?' I like to whisper in her ear, like, really normal everyday jobs."

Like? "You're going to be a flight attendant," Ryan quipped. "A barista! Just normal, wonderful jobs that you can have a nice, normal life [doing]."

Dad briefly suggested James aspire to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but Willie quickly called him out on that one. "I do not want my daughter to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader," he conceded, "although I imagine it's an exciting life."

Ryan's own life is pretty exciting right now, too, and he wants to make sure that he gets to enjoy it with Blake and James by his side. "That's the priority," he said. "You never cross over—you never work at the same time. You make sure that we're all together. It involves a little bit of sacrifice, but that's a small, small sacrifice for the grand scheme of things."

And for now, James is a little too young to really grasp what it is mom and dad are up to anyway. "I'm pretty sure my baby girl doesn't understand a thing I say," said Ryan. "She doesn't like anything."

Her tastes are still developing, dad! Her picky phase has its perks, too, because as Ryan put it, when it comes to baby James, "There is no problem that a breast won't fix."

He's not complaining about that, either! As Ryan told E! News recently, living with ladies "is the best...You don't want a bunch of barbarians running around your house!"

And fatherhood, sleepless nights and all, "is the best thing that ever happened."

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