Oh damn.

The Royals' creator Mark Schwahn sat down with E! to give exclusive scoop on Sunday's episode filled with hookups, lies and more! 

Things get hot and heavy between Liam and a girl right from the start! Mark explains, "We open the episode where Ophelia is on his mind, but he's sleeping with one of the models." He adds, "This guy is a prince, he probably does okay, he's a decent looking guy." Amen, Mark. Amen.

He went on to talk about how there are deeper meanings to certain scenes in the series. 

The Royals, Episode 103


When Ophelia confronts Liam about leaving Gemma in the car after their accident, there is more beneath the surface to the scene. Mark admits, "In that moment he's saying, 'Yeah I'd have to leave you there too.' So you know there's these quiet moments and they actually mean so much more." 

So interesting! Watch the clip above to get the complete scoop from Mar!

Tune in next Wednesday for a brand new episode of The Royals at 9PM!

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