Merritt Patterson, Sophie Colquhoun, The Royals


It's not easy being Prince Liam on The Royals. Especially when you have two gorgeous women who are after you. #princeproblems

First there's Ophelia (Merritt Patterson), the sweet girl-next-door (who literally lives next door to Liam at the palace) and is the daughter of the family's head of security. But don't you dare call Ophelia a commoner—not only is she smart but she isn't afraid of anyone...not even the Queen of England herself.

Then there's Gemma (Sophie Colquhoun), the stunning socialite who is the ideal daughter-in-law on paper. She's rich, poised and practically perfect—aside from the fact that she left Liam in the dust ten months ago...and now she wants him back.

We always want what we can't have, don't we?

Now we want to knowwho is your favorite and why? Are you Team Ophelia or Team Gemma? Vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments below to tell us who you think Liam should choose!

Tune in to a brand new The Royals this Wednesday at 9pm on E!.

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