It's almost a new year. 2015 is about to be all up in our business. In some parts of the world, it's already next year. But here, right now, we have a chance to watch one more stupid, pointless but still hilarious Vine before the clock strikes midnight and officially ends 2014.

We want this Vine, titled "America's Next Top Gay Owl Model," to be your last Vine of the year. MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE AUDIO ON. You might hate it. You might love it. Either way, do us a favor and make this the final viral video you watch in 2014. Because it represents everything this past year was to the world.

Actually, it doesn't represent anything. It's just a video starring an owl and it made us laugh really hard and we watched it 19 times and we want to share it with the masses. It's a stupid video that we are forcing upon you guys. Because we can and we have the power. We've done it before.

Happy 2015, everyone!

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