The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, Outlander


Drumroll, please!

We already told you our picks for the best comedies of the year, but now it's time to get serious and reveal what we believe are the Top 10 TV dramas of 2014.

It was no easy task as the small screen seriously delivered this year. (Just take a look at the indent in our couch if you don't believe us.) Included in our list? Five new shows. Yes, that's how talented this season's freshmen class was. Still, some longtime favorites managed to keep their spots on the list from 2013.

Check out our list and then head on down to the comments to berate us for leaving off your favorite series. (It's OK, this is a safe space. We can take it!)

Game of Thrones, Lena Headey

Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones (HBO)
We know we are probably overreacting and being a tiny bit dramatic when we say this, but holy s--t, sometimes GOT makes us want to punch ourselves in the faces over how freakin' awesome it is. We don't know what kind of magic or deals with the devil D.B. Weiss, David Benioff and the cast and crew pulled off to keep the fantasy drama operating at the insanely good level it has been since it premiered, but we sanction the sale of any souls for a show this epic. (And come on, you knew it was making our list as soon as they killed off a certain blond nitwit.)

Orphan Black

BBC America

Orphan Black (BBC America)
After having such a breakout freshman season like OB did, it's hard not to hit a sophomore slump. Luckily, Tatiana Maslany (x 7!) and Co. delivered one of TV's weirdest and most epic TV seasons in recent history. Consider us lifetime Clone Club members. 

Parenthood, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia

Colleen Hayes/NBC

Parenthood (NBC)
If there was an awards show for the most underrated TV series, Parenthood would win each and every year. And so would each and every single one of its amazing cast members. Seriously, this show is an embarrassment of riches and it's embarrassing that it's not shown more love. Bravermans forever!



Homeland (Showtime)
It's ba-aaack! After a polarizing and lackluster third season, which saw the loss of its male lead (Damien Lewis), Homeland's fourth season is—dare we say it?—its best yet, keeping us on the edge of our couches and without fingernails each week. Carry on, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), TV's great anti-heroine. Carry on.

How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis, Liza Weil

ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)
Viola Davis, showrunner and creator Peter Nowalk and Shonda Rhimes have delivered the most fun rollercoaster ride of the fall TV season so far, moving at a breakneck pace that would even make Scandal break a sweat.

The Good Wife

Jeffery Neira/CBS

The Good Wife (CBS)
 Hm…we wonder if Robert and Michelle King's backs hurt from carrying the reputation of network dramas like a backpack? Well, they make it look easy. (But we still miss you, Will Gardner!)

Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, The Affair

Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME

The Affair (Showtime)
Come Monday morning, you can bet the first thing everyone in the E! Online office is talking about is The Affair, Showtime's quiet firecracker that is blowing our minds when it comes to storytelling. Plus, the cast, especially Ruth Wilson as the haunted and haunting Alison, is top-notch. Catch up now before it's too late. All the cool kids (Us!) are doing it.

Fargo, Alison Tolman

Chris Large/FX

Fargo (FX)
Let's be honest, did anyone actually think that FX's miniseries-take on the Coen Brothers' cult classic film was going to be decent, let alone one of the best TV-watching experiences of the year? We've never been so glad to be proven so darn tootin' wrong.

Outlander, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe

Starz/Sony Pictures Television

Outlander (Starz)
Welcome to the game, Starz. The network has finally found its golden ticket in the epic time-travel-fantasy-romance-drama (get all that?), starring the sublime Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (as well as all of his abs). Who knew kilts could be so hot?!

Matthew McConaughey, True Detective


True Detective (HBO)
"Time is a flat circle." Not since Lost has a TV series inspired so much online discussion, debate and theorizing, and we loved every single crazy second of it. And how great was it seeing Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson put on an acting showcase for eight glorious weeks? (And let's not forget that incredible six-minute runaway scene.)

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