Will Arnett, Blades of Glory


Will Arnett may be quite the character onscreen, but don't count on him dressing up for Halloween this year.

"I don't generally do Halloween," he told E! News during a set visit to his new show The Millers. "My kids do, yeah. But I don't, as an adult. I'm not opposed to it, but it's better for kids."

"My character has a line on the show that says, 'There's nothing more desperate than adults wearing costumes on Halloween,'" he continued. "I always look at it like this too, because of what I do, I wear costumes at work all the time for my job. So maybe if I didn't do it as my job, I might be more into it."

Arnett does get into the Halloween spirit on his show though. He dished of the upcoming Halloween episode of The Millers, "My character has a costume made for him by his mom and it's kind of a slapped-together, last-minute costume that's not the greatest."

As for his and ex Amy Poehler's two sons Archibald, 4, and Abel, 3? "I will say my kids have a lot of great costumes," Arnett dished. "All the superheroes. Batman's the favorite."

Check out more from Arnett below!

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