Amanda Seyfried


We realize that Amanda Seyfried is dressed for a scene in her upcoming movie, and we know few no-pants looks make actual style sense, but this one is still totally and completely bizarre.

Why is the Les Misérables actress wearing what appears to be a grandma top with some very sexy red skivvies? And why in the world is she wearing that combo with a pair of brown, leather clogs?!

Of course this makes us want to play one of our favorite fashion-meets-film games: Guess That Scene! What might Amanda be doing to warrant this these totally weird wears?

Idea No. 1: It's a horror movie and Amanda is acting out that scene where she runs out of the house half naked after seeing what she swears is a ghost!

Idea No. 2: It's a movie about a stripper whose act starts with an old-lady top and shoes combo...outdoors.

Idea No. 3: Amanda is involved in an on-set prank from the costume department. One of those, "Yes, we promise the director said no pants for this shot..."

Share your thoughts on this half-dressed design in comments!

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