How did we miss this?

During last night's 2013 Emmy Awards in L.A., Neil Patrick Harris was videobombed by an unidentified man while hosting the show, creating a creepy, awkward and hilarious moment during the broadcast.

The funny awards show moment happened during a commercial break teaser featuring NPH telling viewers what's coming up next on the Emmys. "Jimmy Fallon presents the award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series and Michael J. Fox remembers the creator of Family Ties, Gary David Goldberg, when we come back," the How I Met Your Mother star said.

Behind Harris, on the left side of the TV screen, a man in a suit (who some are saying is producer Paul Greenberg) awkwardly stares into the camera for several seconds before realizing he's in Harris' shot. He very slowly takes one step to the side, then another, then another till he's finally out of the camera's sight.


The funny videobomb moment definitely spiced up an arguably lackluster Emmys night. Celebs and TV fans alike took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the broadcast. "#CBS is killing it tonight, no seriously you're killing the #Emmys," Chris Harrison tweeted, while Billy Bush shared, "Is it me or is this show really really really weird? #emmys." And Martha Plimpton wrote, "Ummmmm… #Emmys, when will we dispense with the dance montages? No one likes them, y'all. We'd rather hear from the ppl we're honoring."

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