Julie Bowen, Neutrogena


Call it a comeback!

Julie Bowen just announced that she will be returning to her gig as spokesmodel for Neutrogena in 2014.

Didn't know she was ever the face of the skin care brand? That's probably because her previous gig lasted from 2001 to 2008, before she made it big on Modern Family.

And just in case you had any doubt that this was her second time around, the Emmy nominee tweeted a photo (above) of one of her ads with the brand from 12 years earlier. 

She wrote: "Once n always #Neutrogena grl-I'm back!" adding: "Never stopped using their products-always trusted #Neutrogena"

That's one big score for the 43-year-old this week, now only two more days to see if she also takes home that golden statue on Sunday. If she does, that will be back-to-back wins for the star.

Double down, Julie!

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