MasterChef Junior


Now that the adults have left the kitchen, it's time for the children to have some fun!

Though Gordon Ramsay's culinary competition MasterChef just wrapped up its fourth season, the celebrated chef is set to welcome children competitors into the kitchen for the first time ever when MasterChef Junior debuts on Friday, Sept. 27.

But will Ramsay and fellow judges Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich tone down their notoriously tough critiques then they are tasting food prepared by 24 young chefs, ranging in age from 8-13? Turns out, they might not need to as the contestants don't seem that frightened of the trio! We've got an exclusive sneak peek at MasterChef Junior, which features the mini-cooks dishing on Ramsay, Elliot and Bastianich! Plus, Ramsay reveals the word viewers can expect him to use when he's on the verge of sweating this season!

"Graham, I feel like he's a really nice person," Dara, 12, says, while Sofia, also 12, adds, "He's the nicest one. He's very friendly." Alexander even has an adorable nickname for Graham: "Teddy Graham, like I used to eat those when I was little," the 13-year-old says. "You know, his name's Graham and he's like a big old teddy bear!"

And though Jewels, 12, says "Joe can seem scary," she admits, "he's really so sweet at heart" and Sofia says he has "the best sense of humor" out of all three judges. But what about the big bad Ramsay, one of reality TV's most reliably hard-to-please and uncensored judges? "I was afraid of Gordon Ramsay a little bit because I've seen his other TV shows and he's always shouting and swearing," 10-year-old Gavin admits, while Sarah, 9,  assures, "This is kids, he can't be that mean! 12-year-old Roen adds, "You can't really do that to kids! We're not adults."

Cue a biting, but toned down critique from Ramsay in the kitchen! "I just came up with different terminologies," Ramsay says of altering his style for children. "I would say, 'Sugar!' Which sounds weird, really, when you make mistakes."

MasterChef Junior premieres Friday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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