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Tuesday Night TV: New Girl, Agents of Shield, Supernatural, The Voice

It's the battle of the acronym shows! Can the mighty Joss Whedon and his Marvel series take down ratings champion NCIS on Tuesday nights? We won't know for sure until these shows premiere, but we can conduct a quick experiment with the help of you lovely folks.

In today's DVR Deathmatch poll, we need to know which shows you'll be watching live on Tuesday evenings once Fall TV officially kicks off. And just like every other night of the week, there are some tough choices to make. What to DVR, what to watch live and what to ignore completely? We need to know your TV habits! It's a sickness.

Like we said, S.H.I.E.L.D. will take on NCIS, while Fox's stellar comedy lineup of New Girl and The Mindy Project will face off against NBC's hit competition series The Voice. Take our poll below and tell us which shows will get the special privilege of being watched live by you guys.

Check back tomorrow for more DVR Deathmatch polls!