Jason Biggs, Rainn Wilson, US Open

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Maybe these too should stick to their day jobs.

Actors Rainn Wilson and Jason Biggs headed to New York City this week for the annual U.S. Open. Instead of watching the fierce competition from the stands, the twosome decided to practice their tennis skills by competing in a special exhibition match of their own.

Pitted against seasoned pros Chris Evert and Monica Seles, the funnyguys tried to keep up in their professional shirts, high socks and supershort shorts.

But to nobody's surprise, it appears this game wasn't exactly too close to call. At least they looked good trying.

Amanda Seyfried, U.S. Open


Tennis fan Amanda Seyfried also ventured to the east to cheer on Andy Murray in his final match of the tournament.

Instead of bringing new boyfriend Justin Long to the match, the Les Misérables star chose to spend some quality time with her close girlfriend.

Before they enjoyed their VIP seats in the Moët & Chandon suite, the two were able to snap a photo courtside.

So did her favorite player win? Not exactly.  "#everybodywinswithann" she Instagramed after watching Murray's tough lost. Way to keep things positive, Amanda!

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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