Dancing, Twerking Animals

Move over, Miley Cyrus. Because these bitches are coming for you.

And by bitches we mean literal bitches: Female dogs. Some male dogs too. And cats galore! All just twerkin'. Yes, dogs and cats have learned to twerk. They're twerkin' in the aisle, twerkin' on the couch, twerking for kibble. 

So while you practice your twerking for da club tomorrow night (#TGIF), take a look back on this week's best viral videos starring some fiiierce four-legged stars. If you still don't believe animals can twerk, here's your proof:

1. Cats Can Twerk: Back that thang up!

2. Dogs Can Twerk: Shake that ass for me!

Not all dogs are twerking, though.

3. Some Dance in Other Styles: More conservative, synchronized styles.

4. Some Are Too Busy Watching Movies: Specifically, this pug watching the end of Homeward Bound.

(That pug cried a lot less at the end than we did. Shadow!)

5. And Others Never Made It to Da Club: RIP.

Forever twerkin' with the angels.

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6. But Most Are Just Twerking:

You might be wondering how cats and dogs learned to twerk in the first place. The same way we all did... 


Now, share your favorite adorable animal videos in the comments!

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