Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries a No-Show at Mandatory Hearing

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    Kim Kardashian, Court
    Kim Kardashian, Court David McNew/Getty Images

    UPDATE: Immediately following the hearing, Humphries' attorney told reporters that the divorce trial is still set for May 6.

    Meanwhile, a hearing on whether to sanction Humphries' for today's no-show act has been set for April 19 and a motion-to-compel hearing related to the discovery process is set for May 2.


    Kris Humphries went MIA.

    Kim Kardashian's estranged ex was nowhere to be seen Friday at a mandatory hearing in Los Angeles required by law before their divorce case proceeds to trial. Both parties had been ordered to appear for the hearing when a judge finally set the date for their divorce trial.

    Kardashian arrived wearing a long silver tunic over white pants, her hair pulled back in a high ponytail. She looked solemn sitting alone in the jury box.

    Humphries' team of attorneys was present, and a source exclusively tells E! News that the Brooklyn Nets baller is claiming that there was purportedly a delay or cancellation of sorts with his scheduled flight to Los Angeles, hence the no-show.

    The insider also alleges that there was no settlement agreed to prior to today's hearing.

    NEWS: Judge denies Kim Kardashian's request to bump up divorce trial date

    Kim Kardashian, Court LG / Splash News

    Judge Hank Goldberg then moved to close the court and exclude the media. He explained that "the nature of settlement and settlement conferences under the evidence code are confidential."

    None of the attorneys objected, and the media were asked to leave.

    NEWS: Kim Kardashian's divorce trail witness list released

    Certified Family Law Specialist Lynn Soodik, who is not involved in the case, tells E! that if Kris Humprhies did not get the permission of the court to appear telephonically, then he could be in contempt of court for not obeying the court's direct order to appear. Soodik says the court on occasion does grant requests for parties to appear via telephone if they could not appear in person. But not coming in person does not bode well for one's case.

    "It's a really bad if he didn't appear and he didn't get permission not to be here," Soodik tells E! "It seems like it's not as important to him."

    As to what is going on behind closed court doors, Mandatory Settlement conferences are the last ditch effort to reach a compromise before trial.

    NEWS: Kris Humphries witness and evidence list released

    It is here where judges try to get the parties to "hammer out a deal,"Soodik tells E! "

    They are trying to get them to settle without a trial," Soodik says. "You have an experienced judicial officer listening and telling you what they think your outcome will be at trial."

    The judge is frank about if he thinks either side will win and what will happen and often this leads to cases "being settled on the court house steps."

    NEWS: Judge sets trial date for May 6 for Kim Kardashian divorce

    Earlier this month, a judge denied Kardashian's request to bump up the trial date for the divorce after she claimed to have a prior commitment in New York City. That court showdown remains set for May 6.

    —Additional reporting by Ken Baker

    (Originally published on April 12, 2013, at 9:22 a.m. PT.)

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