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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux


When do we get the grand tour?

Jennifer Aniston and fiancé Justin Theroux were spotted indulging in their new favorite pastime again yesterday as their Bel-Air move-in date approaches.

You guessed it: They were out shopping for antique furniture!

Six days after boutique-hopping between Lee Stanton, Therien, and Ralf's Antiques in West Hollywood, they were in the neighborhood again Thursday to peruse 18th- and 19th-century items for the nearly 13,000-square-foot mansion they're gearing up to relocate to any day now.

Which is funny, because the house—at least before the couple started ripping into it—had a modern facade.

No matter, of course. We're just hoping that the couple that coos over credenzas together is the one that stays together.