Emma Stone


Darn you, Emma Stone

Not only is the Amazing Spider-Man actress hilarious and totally lovable, but now we find out that she doesn't need an ounce of makeup to look as flawless as she does. 

Seriously, it's just not fair.

Paparazzi snapped the 24-year-old actress leaving her hotel in Boston, Mass., yesterday, showing off her perfect porcelain skin and cute freckles across her nose.

Stone was recently a victim of Twitter hacking when someone, using her handle, tweeted—then deleted—a series of posts about her beau Andrew Garfield and their Spidey sequel costar Shailene Woodley. The hacker, pretending to be Watson, shared an anagram on the social media site for "Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree."

"I'm glad you asked me about this. I have never tweeted, my friend," she told Ryan Seacrest, cool-girl reputation maintained.

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