Adam Levine, The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

Adam Levine isn't afraid to say what's really on his mind (expletives included).

The sexy rock star graces the March 15 cover of the Hollywood Reporter, in which he talks reality TV (and his much-buzzed-about stint on The Voice) plus gives his thoughts on pop stardom. And in typical Levine fashion, the Maroon 5 frontman doesn't hold back.

"I scoffed at it initially," he says of his wildly successful reality role on NBC's The Voice, and adds that his bandmates were likewise skeptical due to the reputation of reality television.

"It's just a bunch of f--king assholes who are fame whores," Adam admits of his initial perception.

Turns out, the sexy singer made a solid decision to enter the world of reality TV. He's set to earn more than $35 million this year, with paychecks as high as $10 to $12 million for each cycle of the NBC show.

But despite being a mentor to many aspiring artists, Levine also took a moment to slam superstars' stupidity: 

"As a pop star, you don't have to be that smart for people to think you're intelligent. The bar is f--king low; if you have half a brain, they think you're amazing. So I have that going for me," he jokes, referring to his likability on The Voice, before getting serious and suggesting fans relate to his honesty:

"I don't lie, and that's unusual in a world of media-obsessed, media- trained f--king liars who will sit here with you and totally bulls--t you to further their own careers," he insisted before adding, "I say the wrong thing, I offend people, and I piss people off, all of which I like." 

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