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Wow, that Chris Evans sure knows how to fill out a super hero costume, and a shirt…and...oh, we dreamily digress.

The actor was at the Brazil premiere of The Avengers yesterday looking hulky and hunky in a simple steel blue crew neck long sleeved tee, fab fitting jeans and a bright red belt—we do love this man's accessories, especially his shield!

The real question is, is Evans affected by his recent super hottie status and movie success?

The Push star, 30, was quoted as saying, "I'm surprised by any movie that is successful…I've made about 20 movies and I'm probably proud of three."

The good word on the street is that the Fantastic Four star—and his beautiful biceps, pecs and, sorry, we digress again—are available. Not a girlfriend in site!

Move over Ryan Gosling, there's a new hunk in town—and this one isn't attached to Eva Mendes!

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