Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart

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There's an old saying: Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Well, it looks like Jennifer Lopez is suffering from a major memory lapse, because she cast her boy-toy Casper Smart in the music video for her latest single, "Dance Again."

Those of us old enough to recall the 2002 Bennifer incident—when J.Lo and Ben Affleck hooked up—are still washing our eyeballs after seeing them paw at each other in the video for "Jenny From the Block."

This installment with Casper is much the same...

In the stills, we see a 42-year-old taut and tawdry Lopez stroke and embrace 24-year-old shirtless Smart as they take turns blindfolding each other with a tasseled silk sash that reads "Love Is Blind." If only we were...

The single for "Dance Again" is available on iTunes today and the video will be unveiled on Thursday during American Idol, but the teaser stills are enough to let us know to keep the Visine nearby.

It burns! It burns!

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