Selena Gomez,

Just in time for Spring Breakers spring break, Selena Gomez has put on a little weight.

Atop her head, we mean!

The ever-adorable star tweeted a pic of her new 'do—which is kinda like her old 'do, but longer and straighter.

So, what's the occasion?

"Spring breakers is done now hairs done for the next movie! :)" Gomez teeted.

Gomez will try out her scream-queen chops in Eli Roth's latest, Aftershock, about a group of friends who have more to survive than an earthquake while on a trip to Chile. Of course, who doesn't have glossy, perfectly layered hair in a horror movie?!

So, it may not be as bold a move as Justin Bieber whittling his bowl cut, but do you like the sleeker look?

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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