Blind vice group sex

Dear Ted:
You've indicated that Judas Jack-Off has "dated" a couple Vicers in the past. Might one such lady be Lucretia Johnson?

Dear History Lesson:
Interesting guess, MIkey, but Jude and Ms. Johnson have not canoodled in the past. Lucretia isn’t exactly the bearding type (though I suspect she would have been much happier with a BF who was loyal, albeit fake).

Dear Ted:
This might seem totally random, but have Crotch Uh-Lastic and Strawberry Snort’Em dated? If they have, then my current theory of who is who must be right. I hope you answer this, if not I will know I finally guessed a Vicer correct! Love ya!

Dear Random Indeed:
Sorry, JaneJane, but looks like you’re still 0 for however many on Vice guesses, then. 'Cause though Crotch and Strawberry do have some similarities (like a love of illicit drugs that have all their friends a bit worried) these two have never hit the town together.

Dear Ted:
Love your blolum and think you're one cute cookie too. If you were straight, I'd seriously make a move...Is Sissi Sparkle by any chance Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Dear Making Me Blush:
I’m sure you’re not too bad yourself, Sugarsnap. And all your flattery almost makes me wish your Sissi suspicions had been accurate, but I can tell you this much: J.Love is all about the men. That should be crystal clear by now.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars, Teddy Bear? With all of her ex-beaus and broken engagements, she must be a Blind Vice, right?
the wandering star 

Dear Bride-to-Blind:
Or perhaps she just doesn’t want to be tied down…yet? Ya know, like so many bachelors in this town. AKA she’s not a Vice star. I say keep getting your date on, Karina, why not? You sure are hot and have that fancy footwork to woo the fellas.

Dear Ted:
Happy almost Hunger Games week! I have a fun question. Say I was moving to L.A. and was going to be hanging with celebs. As a straight girl, which three girls would I be lucky to be BFFs with and which three guys would be the cream of the crop, datingwise? Kudos on not smoking, stay strong!

Dear The In-Crowd:
Hmm, that’s a good question. Well as for the gals, I don’t think you can get any better than Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, right? Then maybe a Lindsay Lohan type to keep you on your toes (think you can handle that?). As for the dudes, I’d say one of the Ryans (Gosling or Reynolds) and Liam Hemsworth, since you seem to be a fellow Mockingjay.

Dear Ted:
You are seriously two-faced. How can you support your alleged love for Kristin Stewart and how you love her anti-Hollywood 'tude when you make sly remarks that “what parent would like Kristen Stewart.” You made this comment in your last video and one of the U.S. gossip mags also reported this stance of yours. If you don't like someone, say it, and not hide it so as you can keep your many, many Robsten fans happy!
—One Pissed Off Australian

Dear One Humorless Australian:
I’ve only got one face, doll. And I also have a sense of humor, which allows me to joke about K.Stew, who it’s no secret I adore.

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