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One week, two eliminations!

Though American Idol disqualified Jermaine Jones from the competition in dramatic fashion earlier this week, viewers will be saying goodbye to another contestant tonight, bringing the field down to 10 competitors. There were definitely some ups and downs during last night's show, the theme being "Songs From the Year You Were Born," and one wrong note could mean the difference between making the Idol summer tour and heading home.

So, after sitting in on the live show last night to witness all the action,  what can we tell you about who scored best among the crowd? And who looks to be a goner?

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Top Five Performances of the Night

5. Elise Testone

Finally! We've been fans of the raspy-voiced singer since her first appearance on the show, but were underwhelmed by her performance last week. Luckily, our girl brought it with "Let's Stay Together," which perfectly showcased her unique voice and reminded us of last season's standout Haley Reinhart. This is just the kind of performance Elise needed after landing in the bottom two last week. Plus, her duet with President Obama probably didn't hurt either!

4. Phillip Phillips

Um, dude had surgery last Thursday and clearly has been under the weather since and still managed to pull off a performance like that?! Phillip's "Hard to Handle" is definitely the first song of the night we downloaded on iTunes and jammed out to while writing this article. Bonus: Phillip proved he can still command the stage without the guitar. To borrow a (corny, overplayed) line from Randy Jackson: He's in it to win it, America!

3. Hollie Cavanaugh

Definitely the dark horse of the competition, Hollie landed the highly coveted last slot on last night's show and did not disappoint, positively slaying Céline Dion's "Power of Love." We had "goosies" (yes, we're totally jacking Jennifer Lopez's catchword!) from the very first note. We definitely think Hollie's performance made fellow ballad-singer Jessica Sanchez sweat a little bit. Game on, ladies!

2. Colton Dixon

Out of all 11 performances, Dixon's felt the most natural. The rocker has got everything it takes to win this competition and we think he made a really smart choice in performing a song that even the judges weren't familiar with. It's no longer White Lion's song, it's Colton Dixon's. Well played, Colton! Well played!

1. Joshua Ledet

And that's how it's done, folks! From our spot in the audience at last night's show, we can safely say not a single person was left in their seats by the end of Joshua's all-out performance of "When a Man Loves a Woman." Seriously, if you were not feeling that performance, we think you might he dead inside. Here's hoping Joshua continues to eat crawfish before every show! Ah-mah-zing. 

Who's In Trouble

3. DeAndre Brackensick

Clearly, the well-coiffed singer had difficulty choosing a song and his performance of "Endless Love" was definitely a stepdown from last week's stellar outing. 

2. Heejun Han

Oh Heejun, how you make us laugh, but we're worried for you after the underwhelming "Right Here Waiting." Randy Jackson saying you were the worst of the night definitely didn't help the cause, but we think your sense of humor will get you through to the Top 10.

1. Erika Van Pelt

Sure, Erika Van Pelt's "Heaven" was perfectly lovely, but it left us wanting more. It never really built to anything, you know? Especially that dramatic break we saw Erika take with the song in her session with Jimmy Iovine and Where did that go?!

Bottom Three Prediction: Shannon Magrane, DeAndre and Erika

Exit Prediction: Shannon. Were we listening to a completely different performance than the judges because Shannon's "One Sweet Day" was all kinds of wrong for us. In fact, Shannon has pretty much underwhelmed us this entire competition, but at least, um, her hair is pretty? 

Agree? Disagree? Send off in our comments section!

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