Just in case you haven't heard, the nice people at NBC have picked up the back nine episodes of Chuck's second season. Holler!

I can't think of a cast that deserves it more, including, of course, Zach Levi, who continues to be a quintessential leading man—ready and willing to do just about anything if it helps out his show and the people who support themselves working on it.

And now that season two is secure for all those folks, I asked Chuck boss Josh Schwartz what this means for the show and for the season, and he replied:

"We are thrilled and totally surprised by the pickup. We've had a great partnership with NBC from day one and to have them show this kind of confidence is really inspiring. I'm also really excited for Chris Fedak who deserves so much credit for the quality of the show.

"In terms of the rest of the season, we had big plans for the season finale last year that were cut short by the strike. To know we can go forward this year is really exciting.

"You will see more romance from some unexpected pairings...Couples you would never imagine. And yes, there will be a wedding coming, and it will be awesome."

Couldn't have said it better myself! Anybody else looking forward to Chuck's full season two? Post in the comments!

(And if you haven't seen it yet, the season-two preview from Comic-Con is above. Press play for the goodies!)