Mackenzie Phillips

Paul Fenton/KPA/ZUMA Press

Mackenzie Phillips is seriously going to need to take it One Day at a Time after her latest run-in with the law.

The 48-year-old former TV star, whose role on the hit CBS sitcom was derailed in the early '80s due a nasty drug habit, was collared this morning at Los Angeles International Airport after allegedly trying to bring heroin and cocaine aboard an airliner.

Phillips was going through security at LAX's Terminal 4 at approximately 10 a.m., when her bag was checked by a TSA officer, according to Sgt. Jim Holcomb, spokesman for Los Angles Airport Police.

"During a second screening process, a small amount of what was believed to be heroin and cocaine was discovered on her person," Holcomb tells E! News.

Airport police were called to the scene and arrested Phillips on suspicion of possesion of a controlled substance. Because she's still in the process of being booked, no other information was immediately available.

Phillips, who played sister to Valerie Bertinelli on the long-running CBS show, is well acquainted with the booking process.

During One Day at a Time's 1979-80 season, she was collared for cocaine possession.

After turning up late for rehearsals on multiple occasions, producers gave her a six-week leave of absence. But her behavior continued to worsen until producers gave up and fired her.

Following a stint in rehab, Phillips rejoined the show only to quit two years later when her drug problems persisted.

The daughter of Mamas & the Papas founder John Phillips (whom she blames for her drug habit) and socialite Suzy Adams, Phillips is the product of a showbiz family. Her stepmother is singer-actress Michelle Phillips and half-sisters include Bijou Phillips and Chyna Phillips.

Mackenzie Phillips, who performed as part of the revived Mamas & the Papas until her father's death in 2001, got her start in the industry at the age of 13 in the 1973 TV movie, Go Ask Alice, about a 14-year-old girl pulled into a world of sex and drugs. Other credits include roles in American Graffiti, Baretta, ER, NYPD Blue and most recently CBS' Cold Case .

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