Britney unforch won’t be performing at the VMA’s—first intelligent thing the girl’s done in a while. But B-babe did sorta make a return to the stage during her mother-figure Madonna’s new “Sticky and Sweet” tour. B.S.’s quick cameo, lasting the duration of the sex-ay song “Human Nature," had her trapped in a stalled elevator, writhing around sometimes in a hoodie, sometimes in a white tank top. Yeah, that’s it. No pythons, no pyrotechnics, no thanks.

This publicity stunt is so a step backward from the last time Brit-Brit and Madge shared a stage and a smooch. Couldn’t come up with anything more exciting than this? Just follow Brit around with a camera and you’re likely to get something more enthralling than getting stuck midfloor.

Maddy’s obvious Obama backing and McCain mudslinging (where M compares Barack to Gandhi and J.M. to Hitler) is def the far more interesting controversy on this tour, albeit a little exaggerated. Now those are two fellas we'd like to see trapped in an elevator together, writhing around to a Madonna song.

Follow the jump to see boxed-up Brit get all claustrophobic-like, if ya dare. Hope you brought your pillow and eye mask.

Britney's Elevator Antics, You Decide!
What do you think of Britney's concert cameo?

—With additional English-screwin’ reporting by Becky Bain

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