Snoop Dogg, Rich N' Infamous shirt

Line 8 Photography,

When it comes to promotion, longtime rap kingpin and entrepreneur extraordinaire Snoop Dogg isn’t taking any chances. The ultracomprehensive marketing attack for his new Rich & Famous menswear label will showcase items on Dogg’s E! Channel reality show, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood; in music videos and films; in CD packaging; in fashion shows during the rapper’s upcoming world tour; and via an original Web series.

Now, in an unprecedented move, the promo juggernaut has drawn so much attention that E! has offered the garments themselves their own reality series. “This is a truly exciting line of clothing,” said E! rep Vikki Barnes. “And thanks to Snoop’s maximum-exposure marketing program, the recognition factor of the shirts alone will draw a huge audience.”

The fact that the shirts are inanimate objects is not an issue, Barnes stated: “They're extremely colorful, and they can lay on beds and couches, hang from drawers on their tour bus or soak in hot tubs. And look at The Hills. No one moves in that show, and people love it."

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