John Mayer

• John Mayer's best paparazzi friends aren't as interested in him wtihout Jen Aniston. Poor John—if anything, we thought this relationship was meant to be.

"Fearing for his safety," a police officer pulled a gun on Diddy during a routine traffic stop this weekend in L.A. We don't know what went down exactly, but Diddy seems reasonable—he's even flying commericial now that gas prices are too high for his jet.

Another music video from another Disney Channel star. This time it's Demi Lavato's turn to rock, and she does an all right job at it. Next time, we suggest throwing in some attacks on Miley Cyrus if she really wants to make it.

Latest bizarro Batman casting rumor: Cher is allegedly playing Catwoman. That should go rather nicely with David Silver's Riddler.

And because we love Heidi Montag's Olivia Newton-John impression so much, here's a pic of Spencer curling Heids' hair.

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