Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling


Official PDA proof from a breakfast date in Toronto that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are totally back together for real. We're genuinely happy. Seriously.

Paris Hilton loves her boyfriend! She loves watching him perform onstage. She loves how hot he is. She loves her life because she has such a great boyfriend. That’s all we got out of her summer update blog. Btw, she’s also hard at work on her new album. Can we get a "loves it"?

Michael Lohan challenges Kevin Federline to a boxing match for charity. As far as Lohan-Spears fights go, we'd like to see Dina battle Lynne.

Test your knowledge of Jennifer Aniston's love life here. Careful, if you get a perfect score your brain will explode from knowing too much useless information.

Interesting fact you didn't know about Ed Westwick, otherwise known as Chuck Bass: he writes poems apparently. We're still waiting to hear back from his rep about the marriage proposal we recently extended to him.

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