From Soup infatuate Mr. Raoul comes an aural glimpse into what is alleged to be the voice that's sold 83 million albums, a voice that is apparently very similar to that of a drunken drag queen feelin' kinda Britney while huffing helium. Low grade helium. Maybe this is why Justin Timberlake has bailed on the duet idea.

Marvel at the chance to step into the shoes (and ears) of Spears'—hopefully well paid—soundman as we hear the Mississippi songbird's raw, unmixed live vocals. From the audience perspective, of course, Brit sounds just fine, thanks to the expensive magic of soundboards, back-up singers and the distracting smoke and flashing lights. Stick it out until the end, when Britney reveals she feels "retarded." Though you won't see a picture of a spaghetti-eating cat.