Kiely Williams, Heidi Montag, Jenny McCarthy

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; John Shearer/Getty Images; AP Photo/Dave Allocca/StarPix

To consider yourself a star in this town, you gotta have a Hervé Léger dress because—OMG!—they're just like Spanx but in the form of a dress! For the past six months, it's been almost impossible not to spot one on the red carpet.

But seriously, there are 47 different options just from the runway show alone, not to mention all the different color combos possible. That's why we're so upset to see Kiely Williams (she's a Cheetah Girl), Heidi Montag and Jenny McCarthy all wearing the exact same one.

Don't people in Hollywood have stylists for a reason? These ladies are seriously tempting us to enforce a strict red carpet ban on all Hervé Léger bandage dresses (except for Hayden Panettiere, she can still wear them).

Sorry about the rant, but we take the red carpet very seriously, no matter how small the event or star. Are you with us and totally over the bandage dress, or are you plotting ways to get one of your own? (It's cool if you are, no judgment.)

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