Jessica Simpson Stampede Beer Ad

Stampede Beer

We've spent the whole day agonizing about what Jessica Simpson's beer ad would look like, and finally it's here! Let's take a moment and admire her countryness.

Hills ratings were down with the premiere of fourth season. What's up with that? We thought everyone loved it.

Chris Kirkpatrick is up for an 'N Sync reunion already—he's got nothing else really going on. Quick reminder: He was the one with the weird thing growing on his head.

Lindsay Lohan's thoughts on Michael Phelps: "(bleeping) amazing and I want to meet him!"

Now you can see what it's like to be Kanye West with just a few pills. No, not Adderall—we're talking Kanyeio Exsisto.

Any theories on how Al Pacino's nails somehow ended up painted blue?