Paris Hilton

James Devaney/Getty Images, Greg Tidwell,,

We totally understand why Paris Hilton is so drawn to these Smoke & Mirrors wrap dresses, even if they are $355 a pop—after all, when was the last time you remember her having that much cleavage? Talk about smoke and mirrors, right?! (Ah, jokes.)

And check out this fun fact: Smoke & Mirrors is co-designed by Project Runway contestant Emily Brandle, who was auf-ed two episodes ago for her kinda fug corsage dress and always wore the annoying hippie/Mary-Kate Olsen headbands.

Getting voted off ProjRun can't be that bad, though, when Paris Hilton is special-ordering your dress in 10 different colors.

Think this dress is awesome enough to own in every color? Or should P. change it up more often?

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