Angelina Jolie

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Oh, darling, since Friday is so far away, I'm just gonna write this one up, straight, as it were, no Blind Vice bells 'n' whistles.

But got to ask, which famous Hollywood publicist is, as we cyber-goss, writing a tell-all glossy job all about her dealings with Hollywood's less than spectacularly mannered folk?

Here's a hint: She's directly—and, sometimes, painfully—linked to two of the town's most current and infamous femmes, Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie. Said flack does not represent these women right now. But she's had major dealings with them—and many more trouble-ridden types like them—in the past. And, girl, does she ever have stories. S--t you won't believe. Cannot wait to read this baby.

Just hope our budding author doesn't cave, 'cause you know those Scientologists (among many other heavy-handed, lawyer-addicted types in T-town) will be breathing down this broad's brassiere the sec they get wind of the tattling tome, which, as I understand, is being put together in novel form.

Oh, you mean like Paris Hilton did it with Tinkerbell? I smell not only a best seller, but best bitch fight, too!

What do you think? Do you have high hopes, or could this be just another literary tease?

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