William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Grandma's in the house.

In this case, Grandma's Queen Elizabeth II, and the house is Westminster Abbey.

And now that she and Prince Phillip have arrived at Prince William's and Kate Middleton's royal wedding, the esteemed elder couple can, you know, kick back.

The Queen, says royal expert Angela Rippon, "[is] a guest at the wedding just like any other granny at a family wedding."

Well, maybe not just like any other granny.

For one thing, according to Rippon, the Queen sent out the official invitations to related royal families, and assorted ambassadors. She also loaned her grandson and Kate her pad for their reception.

And, yes, the Queen's pad is better known as Buckingham Palace.

Overall, though, William's grandmother has not—and will not—be calling the shots.

"When Charles married Diana, that was different," Rippon tells us. "As the heir to the throne, his marriage was a state occasion. But as [today's wedding] is not a state occasion, and [the Queen] has not had to be involved with the arrangements, this time she can just sit back and enjoy it."

Royal-style, of course.

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