Owl City's Adam Young is headed for space, and you're invited to come along.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at "Alligator Sky," the dreamy, optimistic single off the upcoming All Things Bright and Beautiful, Young suits up to blast off from Earth (or at least a studio backlot) into the great beyond. Joined here by L.A. rapper Shawn Chrystopher, the song is an update on the charms of Ocean Eyes, Owl City's 2009 debut.

Clad in a steampunk spacesuit and a big goldfish bowl helmet, Young captures the delight and wonder of the song as well as the mysteries of life here and through the galaxy. Plus, it's a rare chance to get to hear the shy frontman talk about his music, making videos and sleeping in his spacesuit. Check it out.

All Things Bright and Beautiful drops June 14.

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