Guess Who

Like grandfather, like grandson.

Not only does this young man share the same last name as that of arguably the greatest actor to ever have walked the planet, but he also seems to have inherited his chiseled good looks as well.

And he's definitely working the latter in this new ad for TechnoMarine watches.

So who is the guy behind the creatively placed timepiece?

It's Marlon Brando's 20-year-old grandson, Tuki Brando!

But despite his famous lineage, Tuki's life growing up was anything but a streetcar named desire. His uncle, Christian Brando, killed Tuki's father before he was born; and his mother later took her own life when he was only five. What's more, Tuki was completely left out of his grandfather's will when he died in 2004.

As for modeling, this isn't Tuki's first gig, having already done some work for Versace.

Whether he continues to strike a pose remains to be seen, especially given the fact that he's currently studying medicine. Guess, er, time, will tell!

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