Guess Who

At least you won't need money left over for a decorator.

One of L.A.'s biggest scenesters isn't quite ready to let go of her West Hollywood pied-à-terre yet, but she is willing to let someone else live in it to the tune of $20,000.

And why not? It's fully furnished, right down to the Fendi pillows on the couch, and there are four bedrooms and a pool to play around in.

It's no Hilton, but...

Guess Who

Actually, even better, it's Paris Hilton's 3,000-square-foot house perched in the hills above the famed Sunset Strip.

The Spanish-style abode, built in 1926 but since redone for more tacky modern tastes, boasts three and a half bathrooms, a massive walk-in closet, hardwood floors, a pool, a built-in barbecue and several artsy black-and-white portraits of Paris hanging on the walls.

Hilton bought the property in September 2007 for almost $3.9 million.

And, no worries, this is not where she was living when the so-called Hollywood Bling Ring burgled $2 million worth of jewelry and other luxury items from her in 2008. Then again, they reportedly broke in using a key that the heiress kept under a doormat, so you'd probably be safe regardless.

So who do we make the check out to?!

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