16 and Pregnant


Abstinence ambassador Bristol Palin is not earning her paycheck.

At least not according to the young stars of 16 and Pregnant, which returned last night for a third season on MTV. The teen couples featured in the spectacularly successful docu-series are neither abstaining from sex nor using birth control (effectively, anyway).

Is 16 and Pregnant a cautionary tale against teen pregnancy? We cannot say. What we will say—even shout from the rooftops—is that the show that brought us superparents Corey and Leah, text terrorist Adam, and trainwrecks Amber and Jenelle is guilty pleasure TV at its finest.

And season three—which features an anorexic mom, the on-camera arrest of a violent baby daddy, and 11 adorable babies—promises to be the best yet.

Meet the new batch of young moms in our photo gallery, and tell us what you think of the new season in the comments! 

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